Friday, June 7, 2013

Dropped the Ball...

Well, I dropped the ball, I know I did..  I made a promise to type every single day in June and I missed yesterday; for good reason, though.  Olivia threw up a few times the other day, but seemed fine other than her tummy hurting so I assumed she just ate something that didn't agree with her. I was wrong.  Joe and I caught whatever she had, but it seriously only lasted 1 day.
 Other than that, I've had a great week.  Things are starting to come together regarding Olivia's birthday party, I've gotten everything almost completely organized for my garage sale tomorrow, and my shop has been doing pretty well despite my lack of promoting it.

My shop has consisted of Lip Balms, Body Scrubs, and Lotion Bars this past year, but lately I've expanded.  I now offer tinted Mineral Lip Shimmers and Hand & Cuticle Balm Sticks, but I'm thinking of making a "pregnancy line" of citrus & minty lotions and scrubs.  My poor feet and calves hated life during the last few months of my pregnancy and minty lotions definitely helped, so maybe some organic minty lotions will be of interest..? Any thoughts on this mommy bloggers?

There are only a few days left to enter my AD Space Giveaway!
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  1. Hi love! I was going to reply to the comment you left me the other day and I noticed you're a no-reply blogger! Here's a really quick and easy tutorial on how to fix it!

    It sucks that you all got sick. I hate stomach bugs! Hope all is good now.

    1. I didn't realize a 'no-reply blogger' was a thing on google! Thanks for the link!! I'm pretty new to blogging, so any new tips are always greatly appreciated :)

  2. Ohh, I can't pass this up! Hope you're feeling better!