Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Am Grateful...

This week has been rough and heartbreaking.  Two family members passed(one of which I am having a really hard time getting past) and 2 others, who aren't family but might as well be, are very sick; one nearing the end of his 14 month battle with pancreatic cancer and one just found out he has stage 4 prostate cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes.  Times like this always have a way of getting people to stop and think about what is really important, but it also makes you wonder if you did enough.  Did I show enough love? Did I stay in touch as much as I wanted to? Did they know how much I adore them?  
This all makes me realize how grateful I am for those around me and it is very clear that I need to do nothing but show them all of my love because you never know.  It's also made me realize that I'm not invincible anymore.  I'm not 21 and getting away with doing asinine things, I'm not able to eat Taco Bell daily and stay thin(yes I know it's horribly unhealthy but when you're skinny fat and drunk half the time it doesn't matter right?.. wrong), I'm not able to move as freely as I used to since my back now feels that it's made up of glass, and I'm not the only one that's in my life anymore.  I have a soulmate and a beautiful daughter and I need to make sure I stay as healthy as I can so I can be here for them for a long, long time.  You will all be seeing a lot more "healthy living" posts as I begin my journey to a more healthy life and I welcome you to come join me.


  1. *hugs* Loss is always difficult, but the fact that you're even aware of how precious life is means that yes, you're showing you care enough. And I applaud you for making the healthy decisions BEFORE being put in a physically unhealthy situation.

  2. hi bethany--so sorry for your losses! it sounds like you have a healthy attitude...hang in there!