Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Goals

As always, with a new year comes new goals. I've been feeling much more productive in the last month, partly thanks to an attitude adjustment and partly thanks to a gorgeous Mookaite Jasper pendant I now where. Mookaite Jasper is a motivating stone and I swear it works; the magic produced by the Earth is really something. 

Living in Georgia adds to my productive feeling, I have the ability to start seeds extra early. So of course I've gotten some onion, artichoke, pomegranate and flower seeds in some little seed starting pots.
That simple 45 minute activity perked me up! I was in a mini funk last summer and fall because I wasn't able to really plant much because of our move and unpacking, Joe's company bought up a bunch of smaller companies so he was working 10-12 hour days 6 days a week for 3 months, my random work schedule, etc.. It all just added up and I couldn't spend as much time outside planting and doing what brings me meditative peace. This year, however, will be different; we have much more time to enjoy those things. 

So what exactly does the rest of the year look like for me? Well, honestly, a lot of hard work and a lot of 'I don't know' but, I can try and break down my monthly goals to build up to my ultimate goal of having enough of an overflow of fruits, vegetables and eggs that I'm able to successfully support myself on just my small farm. January's goals are pretty simple, some are fun and some are just normal things that I'm trying to do to keep up with adulthood. I've hooked up with Angie and Karen's Monthly Goals link-up again to do just that!

Fun Goals:
  •   Read 2 books
  •   Do my barre dvd 3 times a week
  •   Save an extra $250 for longevity items - I will explain what this is and more importantly why in detail later, but these items would be bottled spring water/canned food/dehydrated foods/etc.
  •   Plant Amaryllis bulbs
  •   Start at least 50 more onion seeds and 3-4 types (15-20 each) of flower seeds
  •   Go to the Georgia Guidestones

House Goals:

  •   Finish cleaning out the last closet of my stuff at the farmhouse
  •   Buy two invisible books shelves for my bedroom
  •   Hang invisible shelf in living room
  •   Take donation boxes to church
  •   Get previous owners couch out of the house! THIS WAS AN OCTOBER GOAL, UGH WHYYY DO I SUCK!?
  •   Buy enough hangers to hang all my clothes and then actually hang them
  •   Get empty unpacked boxes out of the office and into the fire pit

 Blog/Work Goals:
  •  Blog 1 time a week - 1 time? That's not hard! For me it's nearly impossible, but once I get in the habit of posting I will continue with no problem.
  •  Take inventory of what SK Body Shop stuff I have left and revamp my company to integrate it with the farm
  •  Start planning what markets/festivals I'll be working this spring and summer

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  1. Congrats on your move and ability to embrace the seasons in a less stressful way now. YAY! I hope you garden thrives, and you accomplish all good things. :)