Saturday, October 22, 2016

Swapoween Show Off

This year's Swapoween with all the awesome blogger ladies was great! It was a little different because we had an odd number sign up, so we had two partners! I sent a package to Rebecca and Beverly sent a package to me. 

I LOVE it all!

When I opened the box I thought the pumpkin was real! It looks great and is so cute mixed in with all my other decorations. I got my all time favorite candy, the mini Twizzlers, and some delicious Lindt pumpkin truffles and caramel filled Ghirardelli chocolate. I got some fall themed note paper, which is perfect because I am a list maker and some fall printed tissues!

I also got a delicious smelling Cinnamon Coffee candle, a beautiful stamped out pumpkin candle holder and some spiced potpourri shaped like little pumpkins. 

Thank you so much Miss Beverly, I love it all!!! 

The next Swap is the 12 Days of Christmas Swap! Come join us - sign ups start November 7.

Friday, October 7, 2016

October Goals

I haven't done a goals post in a while, which is horrible because it was always one of my favorite posts to do. The Goals Link-Up is run by Miss Angie from My So Called Chaos and Karen from A Peek at Karen's World.
I have a lot of goals this month. Winter is nearing and there is so much to do before it gets here. 

Fun Goals:
  •   Be tasters at the Madison Chili Cook-Off
  •   Go to Trick or Treat in our downtown area
  •   Take Olivia to a pumpkin patch
  •   Do my barre dvd once a day
  •   Save an extra $250
  •   Dig up new garden area and cover with cardboard and compost (this is technically a "house" goal but I consider it fun!)
  •   Stock the freezer with fresh homemade pumpkin butter (Olivia's favorite thing)
  •   Go to the Georgia Guidestones
  •   Go to a fall festival

House Goals:
  •   Clean out the last closet at the farmhouse (I still have an overflowing closet full of my stuff over there..Sorry mom!)
  •   Buy and hang invisible book shelves in bedroom
  •   Pack and take donation boxes
  •   Organize desk and Stella Kenton supplies
  •   Get couch out of the house! This should really be number 1. The people that used to own our house asked if we wanted to keep a couch and we said no, but they left it anyways. It's not a nice couch. It's not dirty or anything, it's just really old and ugly and just feels ehhh, plus it's taking up a lot of space.
  •   Unpack 1 box a week!! With my work and Olivia's school/after-school schedule and Joe's crazy long hours (converting a bunch of smaller companies they just bought) has made it difficult for us to get our house where we'd like it to be in a timely fashion.
  •   Get Joe to move more of his tools to the shed. He insists on keeping them in his office for some reason and it's making me slightly batty. 

 Blog/Work Goals:
  •  Blog 2 times a week 
  •  Start making products again and start advertising Stella Kenton again  
  •  Start putting together a giveaway

If you'd like to link up your goals, head on over to here!