Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A really late goals update!

I'm talking LATE goals update. I was supposed to do this the first week of November­čśÉ
I've been busy..and not with my goals.

Alright let's see how this panned out....

Fun Goals:
  •   Be tasters at the Madison Chili Cook-Off Yes, it was awesome!
  •   Go to Trick or Treat in our downtown area. No but we finally found a neighborhood to trick or treat in! It only took 3 years.
  •   Take Olivia to a pumpkin patch  No, but got some awesome pumpkins!
  •   Do my barre dvd once a day Big NO
  •   Save an extra $250  Yes, already spent on Christmas gifts.
  •   Dig up new garden area and cover with cardboard and compost (this is technically a "house" goal but I consider it fun!)  No :( Work is killing all my free time.
  •   Stock the freezer with fresh homemade pumpkin butter (Olivia's favorite thing) YES
  •   Go to the Georgia Guidestones  No, again, work - boo.
  •   Go to a fall festival Yes!

House Goals:
  •   Clean out the last closet at the farmhouse (I still have an overflowing closet full of my stuff over there..Sorry mom!) I got most of it out, so I'm counting this one as a win.
  •   Buy and hang invisible book shelves in bedroom Nope.
  •   Pack and take donation boxes We donated food, but we are still packing toys/clothes.
  •   Organize desk and Stella Kenton supplies Nope
  •   Get couch out of the house! This should really be number 1. The people that used to own our house asked if we wanted to keep a couch and we said no, but they left it anyways. It's not a nice couch. It's not dirty or anything, it's just really old and ugly and just feels ehhh, plus it's taking up a lot of space. NO AHH
  •   Unpack 1 box a week!! With my work and Olivia's school/after-school schedule and Joe's crazy long hours (converting a bunch of smaller companies they just bought) has made it difficult for us to get our house where we'd like it to be in a timely fashion. YES
  •   Get Joe to move more of his tools to the shed. He insists on keeping them in his office for some reason and it's making me slightly batty. He moved some out and now he just has to organize the rest!

 Blog/Work Goals:
  •  Blog 2 times a week NOPE
  •  Start making products again and start advertising Stella Kenton again  NOPE
  •  Start putting together a giveaway NOPE

    Got 8/19 done. Not that great but at least it wasn't 0/19!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

12 Days of Christmas Swap!

Posting a quick update on the next swap I'm in with the Chaotic Goddess Swap ladies! Plus, it's a nice little distraction to what is happening in our crazy, hectic, political world.

I did this one last year and it is so fun! You and your partner each get a minimum of 12 gifts for each other to be opened each day before Christmas. Sign ups are open until Monday November 14, come join us!!