Thursday, August 1, 2013

PJ Party Swap Reveal!

This is the best 1st's of all the 1st's... Want to know why? 
It's my birthday!
I'm 26 this year.  Yuck.  It's okay though because I got a ton of awesome things in the mail yesterday and today, lots of nice text messages, and some very sweet phone calls.

My favorite package of the day was definitely my PJ Party Swap box! I LOVE IT!

Traci totally outdid herself and I can only hope she likes everything I chose for her as well.
Want to see my goodies?!

 Isn't that tank top cute?! That shade of green on the shorts is my fave, too! She made a super cute keepsake box, handwritten recipe cards(I'm a sucker for handmade everything), an awesome mix cd which just shows how incredibly similar Traci and I are, and a glittery green notebook and pens to play MASH! Traci, when I saw that you referenced MASH in your card I went right back to school. I'm totally going to have a mini MASH party soon! And do you see that little yellow thing over to the right?
 THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! A Ron Weasley is our King pin. I am in love with it.  Traci and I share a love of Ronald Weasley so the fact that she threw this in makes my heart smile :)
These awesome candies/bars called Unreal. They are pretty good!

 The candle smells amazing and she totally stuck with my favorite color, green!  And, I know I'm supposed to do it at night but I already used some of Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask and now my face smells great and is super soft!

 And a super adorable paisley cup filled with more UNREAL products.

Now I'm off to enjoy my awesome new cd which features Muse, old Fall Out Boy, Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand and more!  Come on over and sign up for the next swap over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. It's a lot of fun and you are guaranteed to meet someone amazing!


  1. What a fun package. I really like your Weasley is King pin, and the witch hazel mask sounds so refreshing.

  2. Traci rocks! She's an awesome blogger, gal, and swapper...and she totally spoiled you! I love that she included a notebook and pens to play MASH (heeheeee....takes me back to childhood). And music so you can listen while using your spa products- yay!
    Thanks for joining us for the swap!

  3. What a fun package! I love how the colors match so well with the notebook and the jammies :)

  4. That is sooooo cute! I love Traci, I figured you two would hit it off!

    Love it!