Thursday, August 8, 2013

August Goals & July Recap

Well, I made it through my first Monthly Goal link up with a few successes.

Monthly Goals

My July Goals were:
★Organize and beautify my office; it is a disaster.  Kind of a success. I organized it.
☆Organize my closet, also a disaster.  DONE!
★Prepare at least 2 gluten-free/vegan meals each week and blog about it.  I ate great food, but never blogged about it.
☆Be coffee-free 3 days per week.  SUPER FAIL! Not even close.
★Learn how to properly can tomatoes.  FAIL. But only because I don't have enough tomatoes to can yet.
☆Start saving $250-275 for SummerdanceFAIL. Didn't save anything.
★Plan some type of weekend getaway with Joe.  SUCCESS! We are going to Atlanta in October.

I guess I wasn't too much of a failure in July, lol. 50/50 isn't bad, right?

My August Goals:
★Take preschool tours with Olivia to find the right one to start going to in early winter.
☆Start downsizing all of my 'junk', do this through yard sales and charity.
★Get a secured credit card and build up my credit.
☆Excercise DAILY, not just 2 or 3 times a week.
★Order Harvest Party invitations/decorations.
 ☆Take a sushi class with Joe.
★Help Ancestral Warship sell out a show! Many of you may have seen them at EST Fest with MGK this past week, they rocked it!
☆Get out more and stop being a homebody! I go out, just not enough to say I have an active social life, lol.


PS. I SAW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND JAY Z IN DETROIT THIS WEEK AND IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I suggest everyone go see them when they come through your town! They collaborated on about 75% of the songs, it was so good.  Jay Z seriously must have performed every single hit he has had since 1996 (including hard knock life, how awesome is that?) and same with Justin. He sang a good 4 or 5 songs from each of his solo albums. AMAZING.


  1. There's some good success up there! You're totally going to get it!

    If it helps, I found it so much easier to get a Shared Secure Loan than a credit card. For the loan they don't run your credit or give you any grief, and you basically just loan yourself the $$$ and then pay it back to yourself, through the bank, so it builds up credit.

    And I wish I could go see Justin Timberlake!

    1. I've never heard of a shared secure loan but thank you for mentioning it!

      Justin is touring up to the end of the year! :) GO SEE HIM!

  2. 50% success is better than 0% success.....well done! And if it's a goal but you physically can't do it, it doesn't count as a failure, just a pause. :P
    I recommend for a less-expensive invitations and decor option...and have fun with the sushi class! :D

    1. Loving Overnight Prints, thanks for the suggestion!
      And, yes, just a pause :) I like that!

  3. You're doing good! You've got some great goals for this month. A sushi class sounds really fun!