Monday, March 18, 2013

March Sponsors

I am very lucky to have a few great sponsors for the month of March :)
If you have some time you should definitely check them out, Beth offers some great reads and Isabel makes gorgeous botanical jewelry and accessories for everyday occasions.
Beth is a wife, blogger, and photographer. She loves to travel and be outdoors. Beth shares her adventures on her blog, whether they be by camper, bike (the human powered kind), kayak, or foot.  She also discusses movies, books, great tunes, or anything else that strikes her fancy.  She enjoys life and loves to have fun, with a sense of humor behind it all, which shines through her writing.

Isabel makes beautiful jewelry and accessories with real pressed flowers.  Her products are inspired by the beauty of Colombian flowers and the exoticism of the Amazonia flora.  All of her designs are spontaneous and since they are made from real plants, each is one of a kind.
Isabel is currently holding a giveaway for a $10 gift card for her store. Click here to enter!

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