Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Obsession--GlitzologyBeauty

I have finally made a solid blogging schedule for myself! No more sporadic posts!
There it is.

As you can see Wednesday's are Obsession days and my obsession today is Glitzology Beauty's Diet Cokehead nail polish.
How great is this color!? I'm sad I only ordered a sample sized bottle.

Glitzology offers a TON of unique handmade nail polishes that should be on every girl's wishlist.
Diet Cokehead can be found here.
How does Nebula polish sound? (I own this one, too. It has star glitter in it!)
The names for these polishes are great.

I highly suggest everyone take a look at this gorgeous shop. It may become your new obsession like it is mine. Stacy, the owner, is a wonderful person to work with and each polish ordered is freshly poured into their bottles before shipping. How awesome is that?

**I was not paid/compensated for this post. I truly do love the products I have written about.**

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