Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing my Life

So, yesterday, I totally thought I was going to walk into my home office and organize it, for maybe 2 hours, then come on here and talk about the importance of organization and blah blah blah.. I must be delusional for thinking that. It took all of yesterday to kind of organize my space and I’m nowhere near done.

Only half of the mess
Why is my office a disaster zone? Simple. It’s freezing. My office, that is never occupied, is located on the top floor of my old 1952 home.  In winter, the upstairs is about a steady 40F and always above 80 (not a problem) and muggy (problem) in summer. We rarely go upstairs, which is insane. We moved here to have more space and now we have less because we only use 1/3 of our house (the basement is an entirely different story.) I’m making it sound like we’ve done nothing to this house. I promise that’s not the case! A lot of work has been done on the outside; basement has been waterproofed, new water heater, lots of stuff.

I’m rambling again.. Back to the office and my organization attempts.

After spending a lot of time in my wasted space, I’ve decided that I’m going to make my house the super cozy home that I’ve always wanted. We aren’t going to live here forever, but why not make the most of it while we have it? We are going to tackle the top floor first. Joe is going to fix the bathroom and build some shelves. I’m going to get my office done and paint. Then all we need is a small TV stand for the main room and a loveseat, a big cozy chair is in there now but I’m going to move that into my office. We are hoping to finish it by the end of February, so look forward to some home DIY update posts :) 

My first order of business is to get some cute binders so I can start organizing my life with these:

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