Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BCS Dreams // 2013 Blog Preview

Were your BCS wishes granted last night or were all of your hopes and dreams completely squashed?
I am not an Alabama fan, nor am I a Notre Dame fame. I am, however, an SEC fan.
Go Vols<3
Joe is a Notre Dame fanatic. He had such high hopes and now he is in a sad football funk. He took a vacation day today and hasn't left the bed since 1am.
Other than an incredibly disappointing game we had quite a nice evening. Our house was filled with good people, good food, and good vibes; I loved it. 
On a completely random side topic, I always get nervous when I use a semi-colon. I don't know why, I have just always been iffy on using them in my writing. Should I have used one there? Ah! See, it's a never ending battle.
Anyways, now that this game is over I don't really have to think or hear about football. Yay!

::2013 Blog Preview::
Not in any order
DIY Tutorials (including a Headboard tutorial!)
Blog/Shop Features
More Giveaways 
 Recipes of all kinds (I slacked on this in December but I promise I will not miss them again)
Kid-Friendly Crafts
 Gardening//Natural Living Posts
And, many other topics that I'm sure are to arise throughout the year

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  1. I live in AL so it was pretty exciting around here!

  2. Hahaha your semicolon comment is so true! I know how to properly use it, but still feel so nervous everytime I type it. XD

    1. It gives me anxiety every time, haha!

  3. Looking forward to reading more from your blog! =0)

  4. love your blog :) Excited to read your new posts :D

  5. Thank you for the great tutorials. I really enjoy your blog keep up the great job!!!