Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Whiskey

I love lemons. I really do. They taste great, they are a wonderful cleaning product, a preservative, and makes your skin glow. Why am I talking about lemons? Well, it's simple, I am sick and I need my Grandma's Cold/Flu Cure and it involves fresh lemons.

Grandma's Cold/Flu Cure
Fresh Lemon Juice
Pepper, Peppermint, or Rock Candy
Heat these ingredients up in a pot for a minute or two, drink, be merry.

Not a cure, but it certainly makes you feel good. 

Congratulations to Michelle P for winning the New Year, New Hair Giveaway!
Two days left to enter my Nail Polish Prize Pack Giveaway 

And, speaking of Nail Polish I'll be trying Glittery Saran Wrapped Nails today!
I'll update later this evening with photos.
Not a fan of Saran Wrapped nails, so I removed it and painted my nails normally. It's the same effect as Crackle, just a lot messier.

I need to make up #hashtagMonday, too. I'll do a double hashtag next week!

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  1. Touch of Whiskey, huh? Haha, I could use lemons in everything. Instantly makes dinner taste better.