Saturday, October 22, 2016

Swapoween Show Off

This year's Swapoween with all the awesome blogger ladies was great! It was a little different because we had an odd number sign up, so we had two partners! I sent a package to Rebecca and Beverly sent a package to me. 

I LOVE it all!

When I opened the box I thought the pumpkin was real! It looks great and is so cute mixed in with all my other decorations. I got my all time favorite candy, the mini Twizzlers, and some delicious Lindt pumpkin truffles and caramel filled Ghirardelli chocolate. I got some fall themed note paper, which is perfect because I am a list maker and some fall printed tissues!

I also got a delicious smelling Cinnamon Coffee candle, a beautiful stamped out pumpkin candle holder and some spiced potpourri shaped like little pumpkins. 

Thank you so much Miss Beverly, I love it all!!! 

The next Swap is the 12 Days of Christmas Swap! Come join us - sign ups start November 7.


  1. I thought that pumpkin was real, too! How awesome- and the metal candleholder is lovely. She got you such a great fa;; package!

  2. The pumpkin definitely looks real in the photo. Too cute. I love that the potpourri is pumpkin shaped. How fun is that?