Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Wrap-up // November Goals & a Wedding!

So, I last left you with getting my garlic bed ready.. Well, it's just sitting there, wet, empty and sad. It has been raining off and on for weeks and I'm scared to plant anything because I don't want it to rot from too much water.
Aside from too much rain, October was great! We had a wonderful Halloween week and the weeks leading up to it were just as fun. There was a party at Liv's school, a party at our dear friends' farm and of course trick-or-treating! 

And on Sunday, November 1, my best friend married an amazing woman! I am so happy for them and I'm honored I was there to see it. 


It's that time again! First let's go over my October goals, the successes and shortcomings.
☾ Take summer plants out of garden and prepare for garlic and onion planting Did it!

Post at least 1 blog post a week. (I really really need to get back into blogging.)  Almost. I should have had at least 5 posts and I did 3.
Apply for two new farmers markets/craft shows. Kind of. I applied for one. Buckle down and market SK daily online, again. Yup! ☾ Start marketing farm more - sell more seeds/focus on WitLift. Nope. Got to setting it back up but didn't post anything.
☆ Take a further leap of faith and actually start letting people know about my future CSA GoFundMe..  NOPE :(
Get everything set up with the city for our new house--most important one. Yes! The process has begun!

How did you do on your monthly goals? 
 My goals for November are somewhat similar. Plus a few holiday related things! I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I just love November and December!

☾ Finish planting indoor winter herb garden.
☆ Write a post about planning & planting an indoor herb garden.
☾ Pack up summer clothes.
☆ Go through games, toys, and books for donations.
☾ Do yoga everyday. My body and spirit needs it! 
Get holiday gift sets posted to my store.
☾ Hold a giveaway on my blog.
☆ Make Joe's lunch for work at least 4 days a week. He needs it for his health and we need to cut our extra expenses (and for good reason, we're so close to finalizing our new home!) 
Walk at least 3 miles a day. Does anyone else have the app Pacer?
I'm excited to get these goals done and conquered! What are your November goals? 

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  1. Walking 3 miles a day is a good idea! I guess I've had step goals before, but I like the mileage one!! Good luck with your goals this month! I'm excited about the holidays too. :)

  2. Congrats on your November Goals- you did great! And very smart to wait on planting the garlic.
    Best of luck with your December goals!

  3. I really need to get back into yoga! Once I start I enjoy it but I struggle to find the motivation to start!

    1. Same! Just starting and getting into a routine is where I struggle.

  4. Yay for all you accomplished! I've attempted yoga...I need to work on it because I finish feeling less than accomplished! Lol