Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Love You Always

I am so sorry for my absence these past 2 weeks.
I had to rush to Waverly, Georgia to spend some much needed time with my grandmother, or Megaw as we all call her (I was the first grandchild and instead of grandma I said Megaw).  She has been fighting bone and stomach cancer and is nearing the end.  I feel blessed to have made it in time and I wouldn't change the time I just spent with her or all of the years I was able to love her and be loved by her.  I'm beginning to tear up as I type this.. I am going to miss her so so much.  She is 68 years young, her birthday is on May 1st.
She sent me home with a lot of boxes of crystal, old photos, her high school yearbooks, things my great grandparents had given her, and things I had given her.  Growing up her home was always filled with art, not the kind you can buy from a store but the kind that I, my sister, and my cousins drew.  She saved every single picture we made for her, even little scribbles we drew when we were toddlers.  She saved everything and no one knew that until this week.  Megaw loved us all so much; I hope that I can love as much as she has and does.
I love you always.



  1. That's so wonderful that you got to spend time with her. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

  2. So sorry for your loss. :( Glad you got to go see her though!