Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Book Swap Reveal!

As you know, I joined in the Chaotic Goddess Swaps Book Swap this month! My partner was Heather from spiritblog.net, she lives close to where I used to live and enjoys the same kind of books as I do. 

Heather sent me Paradise Lot as the book she loves and suggests I read. It definitely looks like something I am going to enjoy! I'm always trying to find new inventive and smart ways to better my garden, this book will help!
The other two are from my wishlist, with the Chakra book being the one that Heather is interested in for herself.

I can't wait to jump into The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs. My yard/forest is the perfect place to practice what I learn from it. Thank you so so much Heather, you've provided me with endless days of reading and learning!

The next swap is Swapoween! Come join the fun!


  1. Oh, how lovely! It sounds like you two have a lot in common. Yay! :D

    1. Yes, we were a perfect match! Thank you ladies!